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Honey Locust Obadiah's Road to Glory at 6 months


 Hagrid shares his hut with Tim and Alica McFarland. Tim is a grammar school teacher and before Christmas 2001 his class had a "name the Mastiff puppy list," The Harry Potter fans won the golden snitch and Hagrid was his name. Harry Potter's Hagrid is large, loyal and groundskeeper/protector of small wizards. Big shoes to fill but Hagrid, the pup is on his way!


Ch Sagi Gwinn's Luluannkathleen and her family 2002 Picture of two litter mates of Lulu and Roady at 8 months
Honey Locust Obadiah's Road to Glory and Honey Locust Cadimhe's Road to Glory
Kodiak on July 4, 2002 enjoying his pool party, dob 10-31-01 @ 9 mos. old.


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